CEC_[ARTISTE] Dablin Jidreck

Artiste: Dablin Jidreck

Track: Killingmanjaaro

CEC REG CODE: 01/CEC/99/18

Location: Lagos

Dablin Jidreck_Killingmanjaaro (232 downloads)

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  1. kelvin says:

    dope beatz?

  2. Olowojuni Seun says:

    Nice feel..✨??
    Great instrument selection..??
    I love yor head voice feel too.. sounds great?
    I really gbadun yor singing voice⛱
    The Kilimanjaro feel is really on point.. Great mix creativity and simplicity. Kip it up brou!

  3. Jide says:

    Nice one my brother . Keep it up, it’s ur starting point . Put in more effort .

  4. Abbie says:

    What ur flavour???I love chocolate
    Nice one man

  5. Abbie says:

    Can’t stop playing Kilimanjaro

  6. Tobi David says:


  7. Dablin says:

    Thanks everyone let’s keep sharing
    It’s dablin jidrek here again

  8. tolarni racheal says:

    Interesting bro…God continue to strengty u?????

  9. Kenny says:

    Lovely ??

  10. GodyBeny says:

    Confirmed bro!!! Beat on point!!!

    Everything just sounds dope. Keep it up!

  11. GodyBeny says:

    Kilimanjaro is just dope!!! I can comment again and again.
    Like I typed in my previous post “confirmed”

  12. Ultimate says:

    It’s Dablin jics nice job always proud of you guy????????

  13. alex says:

    Kilimanjaro everywhere I go…. its a blast…. jam way dey bust brain


    OH!!! My Gosh it’s u again Dablin jidreck, I really enjoyed ur Recent show…. Hope u not stopping here cos ppl are really going to luv u…. Was happy d song is now almost heard everywhere I go.

    For me Kilimanjaro is a Hit
    Kilimanjaro is d beat
    to b on the street

  15. dora says:


  16. Trail blazer says:

    Wonderful dear…greater heights

  17. Phnero says:

    The track is cool, nice beat and nice tempo. Ride on bro

  18. Esther says:

    Wow…this is dope. #youareontrackdablinjidrek

  19. solomon says:

    Comment:. nice song it is good love it

  20. solomon says:

    Comment: dope song nice one

  21. Dada Emmanuel Abiodun says:

    The mix is cool… ?
    The track is well panned surround effect, voice over break effect in towards the ends jolly ? ..
    Kilimanjaro …killing it son!

  22. ADEREMI MILZ says:

    damn.. repeat steady… diz music is killin…

  23. Bayode Gladys says:

    Awesome…. I like it

  24. 2lx says:

    Lyrics so burn…. Thumbs up…. U killed it…. Killingmanjaro issa goal …. Maximum promotion for this song dablin

  25. Oshey baddest! Baddest jam.. ..feeling the vibe… Glows up the spirit #team_kilimanjaro

  26. Anuoluwapo adeshinaayomii Osundeyi says:

    The love I get for you e kili ma motion!
    Kilimanjaro issa vibe

  27. 2l says:

    So heartbreaking that I couldn’t download it but each time I want to listen to it every minutes…. I come online to stream the hit ?????????

  28. DIJAE says:

    D LOVE i get for you high pass………….? everyone can relate tho dope shi #omo dada

  29. DIJAE says:

    am unable to download o…..pls admin do something thanks #grateful heart

  30. Mama dablin says:

    Nice one son…. You made me proud

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