Okikiola pen down this masterpiece after a deep thought of God’s ravishing goodness. ‘Emmanuel’s Love’. This lyrical yet simple song expresses God’s ever-present love in a well-crafted way.

As the name implies Emmanuel which means God with us, emphasizes God’s ever-present Love in our day to day lives.
Most times we overlook the little things we have in life and think they’re automatic. Okikiola draws back our attention in appreciating these little things God blesses us with, yet we overlook them.
Something fascinating is the slow-paced yet rhythmical way Emmanuel’s Love is produced. The rhythm scintillates your senses in such a way that makes you unconsciously move to the rhythm, without being distracted from the main message.
Okikiola’s vocal dexterity in delivering the song is mind-blowing.
This is a song you’d love to listen to every morning to remind you of God’s daily benefits in your life.

Okikiola has been in the Music scene professionally for over a decade. She is a force to reckon with in the entertainment and Gospel scene.

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