The BobJoe Empowerment Scheme.

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The BOBJOE Empowerment is a Business and Personal relief scheme introduced by an American Based Nigerian Philanthropist and Business Guru Paulinus Eberecchukwu popularly known as BOBJOE. 

Mr Paulinus Eberecchukwu is the founder and CEO of
BJ Capital Investment Ltd. 
The BOBJOE EMPOWERMENT Scheme is designed to support individual and Business Growth especially in the Youths bracket of the general Nigerian populace.
The BobJoe Empowerment involves different packages ranging from Business Support Loans, Skill Acquisition and Talent Development Plans, Business Grants, Give Away and more.
The aim is to stimulate professional growth among young Nigerians regardless of tribe or region.
The BOBJOE Empowerment also considers to support vibrant women and men across the continent by helping the people develop
self-awareness aimed at aiding  their understand of strengths and weaknesses in relation to Business Goal and Objectives.
The BOBJOE Empowerment seeks to promote and empower the welfare of the youths, especially by his generous cash donations,  experience, time, talent and skills  geared towards the improvement of living standards of Young and Vibrant Nigerians.
BOB JOE Empowerment is the New Give Away according to the popular social media language used to describe the selfless nature of Mr BOBJOE who on a weekly basis support individuals and families with cash donations and on quarterly basis extends Business Support Loans and Grants to young Nigerian Entrepreneurs.
According to reliable source, BOBJOE Empowerment has invested over 3Million Naira in Business Support Loans and Grants and over 1.5Million Naira in Cash donations (Weekly Give Away) and this month of August is slated for the Quarterly Grants and Business Support Loans to individuals who have a viable Business Plan or an already existing Business that is qualified for the Grant or Business Support Loan.
There are lots of testimonies when you consider the number of Lives and Businesses the
BOBJOE Empowerment has affected positively.
It’s time to be part of this Life Changing Empowerment. Take the step and change your life.
Follow @iam_bobjoe on Instagram and get a first hand update on the August Grant and Business Support Loans from the BOBJOE Empowerment Scheme.

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